Why Trey Lance should make Cowboys debut vs Panthers in Week 11

New England Patriots v Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys are in an interesting position at the quarterback position this season. They have Dak Prescot, who is currently on a tear during this recent four-game stretch, and it doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon.

They also have Cooper Rush who has also proven he can win games for this team if Prescott goes down. But what about Trey Lance, the quarterback they shipped a fourth round pick away for? We haven't seen anything from him yet and the Cowboys haven't really had the ability to give him a chance.

Well, that chance could (and should) happen over this upcoming stretch of games hat are quite winnable for the Cowboys. One in particular is Sunday's clash against the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are completely out of sorts so Dallas could establish an insurmountable lead in the second half.

If that's the case, the Cowboys already know what they have in Rush. It's time to give Lance a chance on the field in order to get a true evaluation of where he is in terms of playing quarterback in the Cowboys system.

Trey Lance should play against the Panthers if the Cowboys establish a big lead

The Cowboys spent a fourth-round draft pick on Lance. At some point, Dallas needs to learn what player they have in the former No. 3 overall pick. We know that Lance has a strong arm, but he's had trouble developing his mechanics and accuracy during his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

While injuries and the emergence of Brock Purdy led to the 49ers moving on from Lance, whom they traded three first-round picks for, if there's one thing that can derail a player's NFL career -- especially a quarterback -- it's not getting the requisite playing time to develop.

That's not to say Lance should supplant Rush at the backup. But what good does it do the team by trotting Rush out there in a blowout? We understand the value in keeping a backup fresh, but what's the harm in making Lance QB2 this week and making Rush the emergency third-stringer?

Right now, the Cowboys have seemingly kept Lance in bubblewrap since his arrival. It's time to let him out and see what he can do in Mike McCarthy's offense. This is why the game against the Panthers would be the opportune time to get a live game evaluation of Lance.

It's a game the starting offense should have in hand early, and the defense should be able to coral rookie quarterback Bryce Young in order to give Lance that opportunity to prove the Cowboys' front office was right in making this move.

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