Watch Stephen A. Smith torch the Cowboys after blowout Wild Card loss

A timeless tradition continued on Monday morning.
SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVII - Feb. 9
SiriusXM At Super Bowl LVII - Feb. 9 / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

At this point, it's become part of everyone's Monday morning: you wake up, get the coffee machine going, turn on the TV, and spend the next three hours watching Stephen A. Smith scream about the Dallas Cowboys. How would you know what day of the week it was if you didn't see him riding into the shot hysterically laughing with a Cowboy hat on, maybe an unlit cigar (it is, like, 10AM after all) in hand. It's peak TV, and it's peak content. Like it or not, First Take knows how the game is played.

This week was no different. Smith teased the rant in more than a couple ways on Sunday night, just in case anyone was confused about what his opinion on another Cowboys playoff loss would be. But sure enough, like he always does, Smith delivered the goods on Monday:

"There does come a time where Dak Prescott needs to shut the hell up," he said. "A standard? What would you know about the standard? You haven't lived up to the standard that was once set decades before you. The Dallas Cowboys were winning Super Bowls in the 90s when Michael Irvin, Troy Aikmen, and Emmitt Smith was there, and ultimately Prime Time Deion Sanders came in. The Dallas Cowboys were winning in the 70s, when you had Roger Staubauch there, with the Drew Pearson's of the world and the Tony Dorsetts of the world. They were winning. What would you know about that if you are a Dallas Cowboy since 1996? You wouldn't know anything about that. If anything, all you know is that historically there's a standard that you have failed to live up to in your entire career in a Dallas Cowboys uniform ... "

"We all know that Dak Prescott is an incredible role model. He's a really, really good guy. Really decent guy. He's class, personified. We know all that. We say all these things. But have you noticed that most analysts have gotten to a point where we preface anything we say about him by bringing that up? The time has come to stop all of this. We're talking football - we're not talking anything else. We're not talking about your character, we're not talking about you as a man, we're not talking about how good of a person you are. We're talking about the fact that, come the month of January, you plummet. You have a winning record in every single month but January. That is not an accident. So we don't give a damn about Dak Prescott's endorsement of Mike McCarthy ..."

So there you have it! Three minutes and thirty five straight seconds of Stephen A. Smith talking about how fraudulent the Dallas Cowboys are, something I'm sure every Cowboys fan definitely wanted to hear about this morning. (And honestly, at this point, it's getting harder and harder to disagree.)


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