Updated 2024 offensive tackle rankings for the Cowboys after NFL Combine

With the Tyron Smith-era now over, Dallas must look to fill his big shoes.

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5. Graham Barton, Duke

The Cowboys are no strangers to shifting around their offensive linemen to best fit the team. It seems like versatility is a must in football these days for any position. But when a player can play multiple positions on the offensive line, they are a dangerous football player. Duke's Graham Barton encapsulates versatility.

The 6-5, 314-pound Barton played left tackle for three seasons and center for one season for the Blue Devils. He even played guard in high school and was recruited solely as a guard. Barton's versatility shows in the way he blocks.

Barton's athleticism and quickness to get in his blocking stance make him flexible to prepare for different pass-rushing schemes. Barton is also an efficient run-blocker because of his hand placement and body positioning. He is currently being scouted as an "OL" because it is to be determined where he will start next season.

You can expect a team like Dallas to love a guy with Barton's skillset.

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