Tyreek Hill becomes latest elite NFL player to give Dak Prescott his flowers

We've never agreed with Tyreek Hill more.
Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys
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Dak Prescott has had a massive spotlight on him ever since he won the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback job. Being the leader of America's Team is no small task and has opened Prescott up for immense criticism, even when he hasn't deserved it.

There have been plenty of debates over the years around where exactly Prescott ranks compared to his peers. These debates have been amplified this offseason as Prescott is due for a contract extension that will further increase the quarterback market.

Regardless of what pundits have to say about Prescott, it has become clear the best players in the league respect the Cowboys quarterback and view him as one of the best. C.J. Stroud recently included Prescott in his top-five quarterbacks list and he is now being joined by one of the best wide receivers in the sport — Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek Hill puts Dak Prescott in his top-5 list including some interesting company

Two elite players calling Prescott a top-five quarterback in quick succession is not an accident. It is clear Prescott has earned the respect of his peers in the league and that means much more than what random fans on social media are saying.

That being said, Hill does include some perplexing quarterbacks in this list that will undoubtedly make Prescott-doubters doubt its validity. Tua Tagovailoa and Baker Mayfield are not top-five quarterbacks, regardless of how you slice it.

Sure, Hill had to include Tua in the top five even if he doesn't necessarily believe it because that is his quarterback. It would be an awful look if Hill rattled off this list and intentionally left out the person throwing him passes.

The Mayfield inclusion is bewildering. Mayfield had a great bounce-back year in 2023, sure, but it is hard to put him over all of the talented quarterbacks Hill left off the list. Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, C.J. Stroud and many others have a much better case than Mayfield.

Does this instantly negate the inclusion of Prescott on this list? Not necessarily. Prescott has a much better case to be made to be in the top five than Mayfield, that's for sure.

Or who knows, maybe this is a long-game play by Hill. Tua is a free agent after this season and if the Cowboys don't get a deal done with Dak then the elite receiver might try to hit up one of his favorite quarterbacks to come down to South Beach.

Regardless of the intent, it is nice for Cowboys fans to see Prescott getting his well-deserved flowers from his peers.