The 10 biggest what-ifs in Dallas Cowboys history

• What if Randy Moss went to the Cowboys

• What if Tony Romo was healthy in 2016?

• What if the refs knew what a catch was?

Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers
Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Green Bay Packers / Mike McGinnis/GettyImages
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2. What if the refs realized Dez caught it?

One heartbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers was in 2016 when Dak Prescott and the offense fell behind 21-3 and couldn't pull off the comeback. This was unfortunate for Dallas fans who wanted retribution for one of the worst calls of all time.

Following the 2014 season, the Cowboys headed to Lambeau Field to take on the Packers. Tony Romo was under center and DeMarco Murray was there after leading the league in rushing. Their trifecta was rounded out with Dez Bryant, who was playing out of his mind at the time.

Dallas had just defeated the Lions (in controversial fashion) and looked poised to move on to their first NFC Championship Game since the 1990s with a 21-13 lead. They were then going in for the kill when Murray fumbled and allowed the Packers back into the game.

Still, the Cowboys had a shot to win in the end, trailing 26-21. Facing a fourth-and-two at the Green Bay 32, Romo went deep when everyone expected the ball to go to Murray. He hit Bryant, who caught the ball, switched it to his dominant left hand, and lunged for the end zone. As he hit the ground, the ball bounced up and he brought it back in.

Somehow, the refs decided upon review that he didn't catch the ball.

This led to a lot of controversy and outrage with fans asking what in the world a catch is. The league then made the rules more convulated and to this day, fans will flood social media with #DezCaughtIt when the two teams play.

Had Bryant pulled it down, the Cowboys might not have won the game still. The defense allowed the Pakcers to move to the Dallas 31, where Aaron Rodgers knelt it three times and won the game. But perhaps that play would have been enough to change everything — and turn the Romo narrative completely around.