Terrell Owens just tossed 3 Cowboys legends under the bus out of nowhere

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The Dallas Cowboys are currently the butt of every joke in NFL circles following their embarrassing playoff performance so it's almost fitting that drama has cropped up surrounding former players whose Cowboys teams also couldn't get over the playoff hump.

Ever willing to speak his mind, Dez Bryant appeared on The Pivot Podcast this week and opened up about issues he had with former head coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo. In a contract year in 2014, Bryant believed Garrett and Romo went out of their way to not get him the ball in a game against the Jaguars.

Bryant caught a touchdown and danced in celebration as a means to mock the organization for supposedly having it out for him. He did the same dance after he scored another TD when he changed his route.

The clip made the rounds on Twitter and someone tagged none other than Terrell Owens asking about previous comments he made about Garrett, Romo and Witten.

Without hesitation or context, Owens threw the trio under the bus.

Cowboys News: Terrell Owens throws Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, Jason Witten under the bus

Owens having an ax to grind with QBs he played with is nothing new. His beef with former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb is still ongoing.

Romo seemed like the exception to the rule, however. Cowboys fans will remember Owens' tearful defense of Romo after the 13-3 Cowboys lost to the Giants in the Divisional Round of the playoffs after they clinched a first-round bye. A year later, though, a report disclosed a conflict with Dallas involving Owens, who was "jealous" of the relationship between Romo and Witten.

To nobody's surprise, the 2008 season was Owens' last with the Cowboys. He had impressive numbers to show for it -- 69 catches for 1,052 yards and 10 touchdowns -- but was released in the offseason, which created a conflict with team owner and general manager Jerry Jones.

It's no secret that Romo and Witten are good friends, but Bryant's criticism is unfounded. That season, Bryant led the Cowboys with 136 targets, which was almost 50 more than Witten. He finished with 88 catches and 1,320 yards and set the franchise single-season record with 16 touchdown catches. How exactly were the Cowboys trying to sabotage him?

That's not to dismiss Bryant's feelings, but why would the Cowboys intentionally avoid their top playmaker and risk losing an important game (they hadn't made the playoffs in the previous four seasons) just to save some cap space on Bryant's extension? We know Jerry Jones cares about the bottom line more than most owners, but this comes off a little ridiculous on Bryant's end.

Just another day in Cowboys land.

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