Regrading the Cowboys 2023 draft class after year one

The Dallas Cowboys' rookie class wasn't overly impactful in year one...
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2. Luke Schoonmaker, TE -- Grade: C

The Luke Schoonmaker pick wasn't overly popular at the time it was made, and lucky for Schoonmaker, Jake Ferguson had a breakout year for the Cowboys. Otherwise, this pick would be looked at in a far more negative light.

You can't base the success of this pick solely on how Schoonmaker performed as a receiver, either. He was a good blocker for the Cowboys and came into his own in that regard as the season progressed. However, a second-round pick at the tight end position with just eight receptions in his first season?

That's not a great look at all considering how much of an impact Tucker Kraft made for the Packers, a player who was taken a handful of selections after Schoonmaker. I don't think this pick can grade any higher than a "C" at this point, and even that might be generous.

3. DeMarvion Overshown, LB -- Grade: Incomplete/D

A season-ending injury prevented us from seeing any of what DeMarvion Overshown is capable of doing in Dan Quinn's defense, and depending on what happens over the course of the offseason, we might not ever get to see that, at least not in Dallas.

Overshown is hopefully going to be a factor in 2024, but you have to give this pick an "incomplete" at this point, or a horrible grade if you go by hindsight. Again, that's not always fair, but the Cardinals grabbed Stanford receiver Michael Wilson a few picks after this, and Wilson looked like a stud as a rookie (at a position the Cowboys need young studs).