Ranking the top 10 Dallas Cowboys running backs of all time

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4. Don Perkins, 1961-1968

7,527 yards from scrimmage, 45 total offensive touchdowns

No. 4 All-Time Cowboys Rushing Yardage: 6,217

In 1960, the Cowboys were trying to land players before they began their franchise in 1961 and Don Perkins was signed to a "personal services" contract. He was also selected in the 1960 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Colts but never played for them due to a broken foot.

When the Cowboys franchise began the following season, Perkins was allowed to play for them but they had to send compensation to the Colts, which was a ninth-round pick. That proved to be a wise investment for Dallas since Perkins made a huge impact from day one.

In 1961, he made the first of six career Pro Bowls when he had 815 yards and four touchdowns — earning the NFL Rookie of the Year award for his efforts. He followed this with his best campaign as a pro, going for 945 yards and seven touchdowns.

On top of making the Pro Bowl six times, Perkins was a three-time All-Pro, earning the nod in 1962, 1967, and 1968.

Perkins was just over 200 pounds but he would often line up at fullback and Tom Landry praised him constantly for his toughness and his talent as a pass blocker.