Ranking the top 10 Dallas Cowboys running backs of all time

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8. Marion Barber III, 2005-2010

5,638yards from scrimmage, 53 total offensive touchdowns

No. 8 All-Time Cowboys Rushing Yardage: 4,358

Aptly nicknamed 'The Barbarian', Marion Barber III quickly went from an unknown fourth-round pick to one of the most exciting running backs in the NFL. Barber, who was chosen out of Minnesota in 2005 by Bill Parcells who coached his father with the Jets, spent the first three seasons of his career as a backup to Julius Jones — but he still saw the field often.

While Jones was an every-down back that could carry the ball 20 times per game, Barber was an absolute bulldozer who Parcells worried would wear himself down if given too many carries.

Barber simply never gave up on a play. It didn't matter if it was one defender or 10 that had him in their sights, he would lower the shoulder pads and attempt to run through them. This made him an insanely gifted goal-line back and he had 47 touchdowns in six seasons with Dallas — including 24 from 2006 through 2007.

Unfortunately, what made him great also made his career short-lived. Barber was released following the 2010 campaign when he had just 374 yards and four touchdowns. He played one more season in the league, gaining 422 yards with six touchdowns for the Bears but his body gave out on him.

Barber later struggled with mental health and lost his life in 2022 ad just 38 years of age. An autopsy revealed he died of heatstroke after exercising in "sauna-like conditions" in his apartment.