Ranking the Cowboys possible first-round playoff matchups easiest to toughest

Looking at the possible first-round playoff matchups for the Cowboys and ranking their difficulty level
Dallas Cowboys
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1. Green Bay Packers

Out of the realistic first-round matchups for the Dallas Cowboys, I think the idea of playing against the Green Bay Packers is one that I like the least.

Over the last month or so, the Packers have beaten teams like Kansas City and Detroit. They've got so many good weapons and the Packers are getting healthy on both sides of the ball.

Aaron Jones returned to the lineup this past weekend against the Vikings to run for 120 yards. Star rookie tight end Luke Musgrave is expected back soon. The Packers are ramping up stud second-year receiver Christian Watson. Jordan Love is playing well with 34 total touchdowns in his first year as the starter in place of Aaron Rodgers.

Defensively, the Packers have studs at every level. They get after the quarterback with waves of pass rush, they have speed at linebacker, and the secondary recently welcomed back Jaire Alexander.


The Packers may not be perfect, but they're getting healthy at the right time and they have hung with some of the league's best teams this season. If I'm the Cowboys, the idea of playing the Rams or the Packers in round one would absolutley have me rooting for teams like Seattle and the NFC South squads.

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