Ranking the Cowboys possible first-round playoff matchups easiest to toughest

Looking at the possible first-round playoff matchups for the Cowboys and ranking their difficulty level
Dallas Cowboys
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2. Los Angeles Rams

I don't care if you're the Dallas Cowboys, or just about anyone else -- I don't think you want to be playing the Los Angeles Rams these days.

The Rams have won six of their last seven games. Their only loss was an overtime thriller against the Baltimore Ravens in which the Ravens got a punt return touchdown in overtime to win it. And that game was played in Baltimore.

Sean McVay has his team ready to play these days. The Rams may have started off a little slower than they'd hoped, but they have been showing flashes of brilliance all season, and they've put it together in the second half. Since the Rams already clinched a playoff spot, they are starting Carson Wentz in the final week of the season, meaning they're happy with the 6th or 7th seed. They get one of them.

One of the biggest reasons why I think you want to avoid playing the Rams, especially early, is the fact that they were Super Bowl champs just two seasons ago. People easily forget that this team won it all recently, and while the majority of the roster has taken on a ton of change, you still have a Super Bowl winning coach and quarterback who are on the same page.

I don't think Dallas really wants to be playing the Rams right away if possible.