Ranking the Cowboys possible first-round playoff matchups easiest to toughest

Looking at the possible first-round playoff matchups for the Cowboys and ranking their difficulty level
Dallas Cowboys
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3. Seattle Seahawks

As of right now, the Seattle Seahawks are actually out of playoff contention. But thankfully for Seattle, the season doesn't end today, it ends after all the madness on Sunday. The Seahawks have not looked like a playoff team for the majority of the season, so if they somehow back into a playoff spot, I think it's obviously in Dallas' favor to win on Sunday and get that no. 2 overall seed in the NFC.

The Cowboys have already beaten the Seattle Seahawks once this season, and there is a little something weird about that when it comes to having to play a team twice, but I think on paper this is arguably the easiest potential Wild Card matchup for Dallas. The fact that the Cowboys have already beaten the Seahawks is the only reason why I didn't place it as the easiest, because it's always hard to beat an opponent twice in the NFL.

But on paper, this is a matchup the Dallas Cowboys would absolutely take.

The Seahawks started this season 5-2 and finished 8-8. They were similarly hot to start last season and cold to finish out the year before getting blasted by the 49ers in the postseason.

The teams the Seahawks have beaten since their 5-2 start include the hapless Washington Commanders and Tennessee Titans. Even with a quality win over the Philadelphia Eagles and hanging with the Cowboys in a 41-35 shootout, I think this has to be considered one of the more favorable first-round options for Dallas.