Putting together the dream Dallas Cowboys Christmas wishlist

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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Wish No. 3: Start Rico Dowdle over Tony Pollard

We've now seen the difference in running styles between Pollard and Dowdle and it's time for a change in the lineup, this isn't a demotion, it's just a more effective way to use both running backs down the stretch. Pollard has fared much better coming in on passing downs and being that receiving and running threat when he was paired with Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys should do the same thing with Dowdle who's more physical running style could be used to punish and soften up defenses on early downs before subbing in Pollard who can use his speed to get out on the edge for bigger gains.

Dowdle has shown that he isn't a liability in the running game and has done a nice job in pass protection as well and that should give the Cowboys more reassurance that he can handle the role. They already know that Pollard can handle the role he would be playing, and it would be a detriment to the team if they don't try and do it as the season comes to a close. It would put less wear on Pollard as the teams heads into the playoffs and put more stress on defenses that are looking to rush the Cowboys on passing downs with lighter defensive tackles on the field.

If you look at the teams the Cowboys face coming up they do the same thing, the Dolphins use Raheem Mostert as the battering ram before unleashing De'Von Achane, and the same goes for the Lions David Montgomery wears down a defense then Jahmyr Gibbs comes in for the big plays, and the Dallas Cowboys need to follow suit.

Wish #4 - Offensive Line Road Win

The Cowboys offensive line at home is elite, manhandling defensive lines at will opening bigger running lanes in the running game, and giving quarterback Dak Prescott clean pockets to throw out of in the passing game. On the road it's the opposite, defenders running free to the quarterback, running lanes are tougher to find for Pollard and Dowdle and this needs to change if they want to be contenders and not pretenders in the playoffs. As it stands right now the path to the Super Bowl goes through San Fransisco and that's not an easy place to win games.

This unit needs to figure out how to better communicate on the road if this team wants to have any chance of getting past the 49ers. We don't need to see a repeat of the Bills' game where defenders had their way with a Cowboys offensive line struggling to pick up blocks and drawing penalties in the process. The best teams can figure out ways to shore up issues and this is a major one for the Cowboys, one that needs to be fixed quickly or risk being booted from the playoffs earlier than many expect.

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