Putting together the dream Dallas Cowboys Christmas wishlist

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Wish No. 2: Cowboys Play with Discipline

It wasn't so much that the Cowboys lost because of the Bills' dominant running game but more so about the fact that the Cowboys' defensive line and linebackers weren't playing disciplined football. We saw players overrunning plays, taking poor angles to try and make tackles, and just not playing with any gap discipline which then allowed James Cook to easily take advantage and make big plays all game. Yes, the Cowboys could have used Johnathan Hankins last week but if this team wants to make a serious run in the playoffs they need to play with better discipline, meaning maintaining your gap assignments to stop the opposing team from running games because over the final three weeks the Cowboys are facing teams who's offense focus on running the football.

The Dolphins, Lions, and Commanders have two running backs they can rotate in and out to continue to pressure a Cowboys defense that has been very hit or miss at times this season in slowing running games and if they want to win these games, they are going to need to be on their game to stop these run first offenses. So, for this wish to come true the linebackers and safeties need to be better at getting the ball-carriers on the ground and the defensive tackles and defensive ends to stay disciplined in their assignments. Do that and the team and Cowboys fans will be celebrating and feeling much better about their chances heading into the playoffs.