Putting together the dream Dallas Cowboys Christmas wishlist

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Tis the season for a Dallas Cowboys wishlist and one that Cowboys fans would love to see happen to end the season.

As the NFL enters the home stretch of the regular season the Cowboys find themselves in a tie with their division rival Philadelphia Eagles at 10-4 with Dallas having the tougher schedule down the stretch facing the Dolphins, Lions, and Commanders while the Eagles take on the Giants twice and the Cardinals.

If the Cowboys want better seeding in the playoffs they are going to need to win out and get some help, so I've put together a little wish list for Cowboy Nation that we can all hope Santa delivers to end the season.

Wish No. 1: The Eagles lose again

Every team in the NFL's first mission is to win their division and secure themselves at least one home game before possibly hitting the road and trying to win in hostile territory. As it stands now the Cowboys thanks to an Eagles loss to the Seahawks still have the division lead but they need help of the next few weeks if they want to win the division. Which leads me to our first wish, for the Eagles to drop one game against the Giants and the Cardinals whose offense has been boosted with the return of Kyler Murray.

The Giants were on a three-game winning streak before losing last week, but this team with Tommy Devito under center has seen their offense come to life. It's an offense built to give the Eagles' defense fits with their ability to attack the Eagles linebackers with Darren Waller, Saquon Barkley, and speedy receivers that can attack the cornerbacks struggling in coverage right now. Then you have the Cardinals and Kyler Murray, James Connor, and Trey McBride who can attack this Eagles defense similarly. If these teams can continue to pile on an Eagles team that is reeling at the moment and the Cowboys take care of business against the Dolphins and Lions then that would be a great Christmas gift for Cowboys fans.