Predicting the landing spots for Cowboys free agents in 2024

Where will top Dallas Cowboys free agents land in 2024?
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With as much success as the Dallas Cowboys have had in the last handful of years, you know other teams around the league will be lining up to pick this roster apart if they have the chance to do it. The Cowboys have done a tremendous job the last handful of years with player development and maximizing talent overall, and other teams are going to want to get a piece of that as quickly as possible.

And that extends not only into the Dallas Cowboys' roster, but their coaching staff as well.

The Cowboys have a rather impressive list of free agents pending for 2024 and they're not going to be able to retain them all. Where could the top free agents on this roster land as we put one eye on the offseason, which is just a couple of months away?

1. Tyron Smith, OT: Dallas Cowboys

Not going controversial right off the bat here. I think the Cowboys are going to find a way to keep Tyron Smith, especially with the "resurgence" he has had here in 2023. Smith obviously has dealt with a number of injuries over the last handful of years, limiting him to just 17 games total from 2020-22.

But he's been back to his former dominant self in 2023:

I think if Tyron Smith is going to play in 2023, it's going to be with the Dallas Cowboys. I do think he'd have plenty of suitors in the event that he hits free agency, but given the fact that this season still hasn't been 100 percent clean for him medically, it makes sense for him to return to the place that has the most familiarity with his medical history.

I think the Cowboys hang on to the former first-round pick, even if he goes year to year at this point in his career.