The perfect trade package Vikings can send to Cowboys for Trey Lance

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys are currently working on signing Dak Prescott to an extension. Prescott expressed confidence this week that a deal will get done. Whether it happens before free agency remains to be seen, but talk of Prescott's contract has taken a backseat to the rumors surrounding Trey Lance.

Rich Eisen of NFL Network said on Monday that he overheard at the NFL Combine that Lance could be a "possible solve" at quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Starting QB Kirk Cousins is a free agent and isn't expected to sign a new deal before free agency.

The Vikings hold the No. 11 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. That is probably too low to nab one of the top three prospects, and potentially even J.J. McCarthy, unless they're willing to trade up. Assuming that's out of the cards, they could call the Cowboys about Lance, who was born and raised in Minnesota.

So, what would the Vikings be willing to give up for Lance? Eisen speculated that a third-round pick could get it done.

This Cowboys-Vikings trade for Trey Lance would make sense for both teams

The Cowboys acquired Lance from the 49ers for a 2024 fourth-round pick. If they can get greater value in return for Lance after he didn't so much as appear in a game (regular season preseason) for the Cowboys, that would be outstanding business.

The only problem? The Vikings don't have a third-round pick this year. They do, however, posses two fourth-round picks and two sixth rounders. Would Dallas sign off on trading Lance for a fourth-rounder and a sixth?

They obviously wouldn't agree to a deal involving a 2025 pick. While that would align with a potential reset if the Cowboys were to fall short again in 2024, it would make little sense to flip Lance and not immediately reap the benefits. Additionally, Dallas is without a fourth-, fifth- and sixth-round pick this year as a result of the Lance trade, the Brandin Cooks deal and moving up to select CB Eric Scott Jr. last year.

The Cowboys are projected to receive a fifth- and sixth-round compensatory pick this year. Say they jettison Lance to Minnesota for a fourth- and sixth-rounder. They would suddenly have a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, two sixths and two sevenths at their disposal.

That's nine total picks, which would swing the door wide open for potential trade-ups in the middle rounds. Either way, Dallas would be cooking with gas.

It's important to reiterate that Eisen speculated when he mentioned a Day 2 pick as Lance's potential cost. It's unclear how the Cowboys value Lance and what price the Vikings would be willing to pay for the former No. 3 overall pick.

A fourth- and sixth-round pick should appease both sides, though. The Vikings would get their potential next franchise QB for a minimal cost, while Dallas would net two Day 3 picks for its potential third-string quarterback.

Both teams would be winners in that scenario.

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