Patrick Surtain and 2 other trade targets for increasingly desperate Cowboys

What trades should the Dallas Cowboys be looking to make?
Dallas Cowboys
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3. Cowboys need to trade for Broncos CB Pat Surtain II

The Denver Broncos are currently 1-4. They play in Kansas City on Thursday night, so before the Cowboys even play another game, the Broncos could be 1-5 and in total "sell" mode. If that ends up being the case, every smart NFL team should be calling and asking about the price on cornerback Pat Surtain II.

Especially the Dallas Cowboys.

The injury to Trevon Diggs is obviously not ideal in the long term, no matter what kind of success we've seen the Cowboys have in the short term. The San Francisco 49ers just proved that, when it comes to January football, the Cowboys don't have the dudes at cornerback right now to hang with the best teams in the conference.

A player like Pat Surtain II could not only help rejuvenate the Cowboys' Super Bowl hopes this season, but he would be a core player moving forward. Dallas has only given up 250 passing yards once this season, so their pass defense has still been stellar on the whole, but you can see how there could be a significant decline in the near future if something doesn't change.


The Cowboys would have to pay a premium price to acquire a player like Surtain. We're talking multiple firsts and multiple additional picks for arguably the best player in the league at his position. But is this team in a contending window or are they not?

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