New angle of Zack Martin injury has Cowboys fans fearing the worst

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys currently trail the Buffalo Bills 14-0 in the second quarter and both touchdowns came courtesy of Cowboys penalties on third and fourth down. Suffice it to say Dallas won't win if they don't smarten up, but that won't be as hard to overcome as playing without All-Pro guard Zack Martin.

Martin got injured on a Dak Prescott dropback. Initially, it wasn't clear what caused the injury, but Cowboys fans dreaded watching Martin limp to the sidelines and enter the blue medical tent. Martin eventually exited the tent and was seen walking gingerly on the sidelines with a wrap around his thigh.

Martin has since been ruled questionable to return with a quad injury.

After watching this angle of the injury -- and given the size of the wrap on his leg -- it's hard to envision Martin returning to this game.

Cowboys RG Zack Martin questionable to return vs Bills with thigh injury.

Martin is as tough as they come, but he was heavily favoring the injured quad on the sidelines. Even more concerning is that Martin didn't take his normal spot with the Cowboys offensive linemen on the bench. That's normally a sign that a player is nearing a return, but Martin stood on the sideline near the field with his helmet off.

What makes Martin's injury even more demoralizing is that he made the ultimate teammate move when he decked a Bills defender who had just leveled Dak Prescott in the head after the QB gave himself up on a scramble.

Martin was flagged for unncessary roughness, but they were offsetting penalties. He took one for the team and showed everyone how to stand up for your QB. It's a shame he might not be able to finish the game after that.

We'll have updates on Martin's injury as they're made available, but it doesn't look promising that Martin will return on Sunday. For the time being, an already-struggling Cowboys offense will look to get going while trailing by two touchdowns.

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