New angle of Micah Parsons' punch shows Cowboys defender was lucky to avoid injury

Micah Parsons was lucky he didn't injure himself during Wednesday's scuffle.
Aug 1, 2023; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) rushes against offensive
Aug 1, 2023; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) rushes against offensive / Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys went out guns blazing in their final padded practice of training camp on Wednesday as two separate scuffles broke out. The second looked more like a fight as punches were thrown between Micah Parsons and center Tyler Biadasz, who ironically was involved in the first kerfuffle.

The initial dust up was your typical camp rumpus, though it did feature Biadasz body-slamming Sam Williams after Williams shoved Brock Hoffman. DeMarcus Lawrence then got in Biadasz's face, which instigated more pushing and shoving.

Luckily, players were separated before any blood was spilled.

The same can't be said for the second melee, however, as new footage shows Parsons throwing multiple punches at Biadasz. Parsons landed two of them and Biadasz was held back by teammates and coaches before he could retaliate.

While entertaining from a fan's perspective, this video shows Parsons was lucky to avoid injury considering how violent his punches were.

Cowboys star Micah Parsons lucky he didn't injure himself throwing punches.

Parsons noted after practice that his hand is fine, but he's lucky training camp requires the use of protected helmets.

Though two-time All-Pro wasn't trying to harm Biadasz, he clearly meant business with those haymakers. If they connected on a regulation helmet, we could be talking about a broken hand, bone bruise or fractured finger.

Imagine if Parsons missed the start of the regular season because he punched a teammate? NFL script writers couldn't brainstorm a bigger nightmare for the Cowboys -- both on the field and from a PR perspective.

It's noted that a scuffle of this magnitude had been brewing. The intensity and competitive fire throughout training camp has been a joy to follow and Wednesday marked the last padded practice before the regular season. It's almost fitting that the Cowboys are departing Oxnard with a bang.

At the same time, though, one could argue Parsons should know better. That's seemingly the message Dak Prescott relayed to No. 11 in the aftermath.

Mind you, these scuffles transpired just a day after Parsons left practice early after he was kicked in the leg.

That's two injury scares in a 48-hour span for the second-most important player on the roster behind Prescott ... after the Cowboys went the entirety of training camp without a large-scale injury or freak accident.

Let's just be thankful for the league-mandated guardian caps on helmets, and that Parsons didn't make a clean connection with his punches.

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