National media proves coverage of Dak Prescott, Cowboys is slanted toward the negative

The national media is out to get Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott throws an interception during practice and the talking heads lose their minds.

Prescott shows good connection with new receiver Brandin Cooks. Whispers. But when the quarterback engages in trash talk with Trevon Diggs, former Eagle LeSean McCoy records another viral sound bite bashing the Cowboys.

Dak puts a fade in the perfect spot for CeeDee Lamb to make a leaping touchdown grab. 


The national media can't help but be negative toward Dak Prescott and the Cowboys.

Such is the life of being the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback. 

The honeymoon period for Prescott has been over for a couple years now. He’s no longer the lovable fourth-round pick who won Offensive Rookie of the Year and hastened Tony Romo’s retirement. 

Now he’s become a polarizing football among both Dallas fans and the national media, much like Romo before him. 

But the silence from the national media after Prescott finished training camp with one of his best practices was defeaning. 

WFAA sports director Mike Leslie made several great points about the difference in media reaction to Dak’s struggles versus his successes this summer. 

Leslie’s video tweet of Prescott throwing a pretty fade pass that Lamb elevated to pull in for a touchdown in a goal line situation did at least go viral with supportive Cowboys’ fans. 

But Leslie also noted that his Twitter, or X, inbox was not flooded with requests to use the video. 

Most NFL teams are overanalyzed to some degree. But none are ridiculed and placed under a microscope lke the Cowboys. 

It’s not hard to figure out why. 

The Cowboys move the needle. Their games are routinely the highest rated in the league. They are both the most beloved and least liked team in the NFL. Actually, the only organization in all of sports who can rival the Cowboys for that type of attention are the New York Yankees. 

And any discussion about the Cowboys draws the same type of ratings for national sports talk shows. Heck, LeSean McCoy is making a broadcasting career out of criticizing the Cowboys and particularly for his hatred of Prescott. 

This isn’t going to end anytime soon. 

Dating back to Danny White, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback has needed thick skin. Even Troy Aikman, despite winning three Super Bowls, was often criticized by the national media. There just wasn’t a platform for these critiques to go viral during his career. 

Prescott has been far from perfect. He threw too many interceptions last season, and his accuracy was often erratic. 

But there are also times when he’s looked like an elite quarterback, including last season’s playoff win against the Buccaneers when he finished 25-of-33 for 305 yards and four touchdowns.

Criticizing a quarterback for interceptions in the preseason, let alone training camp practice, is short-sighted. It’s something only these talk shows that are desperate for content to draw listeners engage in. 

And to borrow from Leslie again: Dak’s touchdowns have outweighed his interceptions this season. It's not particularly close, either.  

National coverage of the Cowboys will forever be uneven. The hate will outweigh the praise. 

And the only way to shut the haters up – at least for a little bit – is to win a Super Bowl. This roster, including Dak, is capable of achieving that feat.

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