The misleading narrative surrounding Cowboys QB Dak Prescott

There's a misleading narrative surrounding Dak Prescott that needs to be called out.
Jacksonville Jaguars v Dallas Cowboys
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What are the steps to creating a sustainable NFL roster?

You attempt to keep the players you identify as your core. The quarterback, if you are lucky to have one and three to four others players you view as untouchable. The rest of your roster is cheap labor. You move on a year early, not a year later.

Trust your scouts. If they found you a running back in the fourth-round, the odds are in your favor. They can find his replacement.

You don’t pay for age in free agency. Attempt to fleece teams in trades. Never make impulse decisions. It's best not to become emotionally invested. Similar to fans.

Once you've completed those steps, you hope to get lucky.

The league values the quarterback, but not all quarterbacks are equal. If you find the player that you believe is your guy. The one you believe that can get you to the tournament every year. Keep him.

Some quarterbacks are the solutions. Others are part of the solution. Either way. You need to know who your quarterback is and temper your expectations.

It is the responsibility of the front office to make the hard decisions and restock the shelves with cheap labor. That is not the quarterback’s job.

I will never question Dak Prescott’s business decisions pertaining to his money. Too many fans care about other people’s money. None of them are taking a pay cut at their jobs.

What Dak Prescott does on the field is subject to criticism. He is not above that. Whether they drafted a player in the first or last round is irrelevant to me. Or how he made it onto an NFL team after his journey.

Let's have a conversation about Dak Prescott's abilities as a player. If you are a card-carrying member of the Dak Hate Hive, exit stage left.