Mike Zimmer to deviate from Dan Quinn ritual that Cowboys fans hated

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A former fan favorite, Dan Quinn has been a point of contention for Dallas Cowboys fans all offseason. That's not overly surprising after Quinn's defense collapsed in epic fashion in the playoff loss against the Packers. It didn't help matters that Quinn swiftly agreed to coach a Cowboys rival.

While Quinn isn't the most popular figure around these parts, his exit did pave the way for the Cowboys' hiring of Mike Zimmer as defensive coordinator. Zimmer returns to his old stomping grounds after he started his NFL coaching career with Dallas as a defensive assistant for 13 years.

Zimmer has only just presided over his first practices with the Cowboys during OTAs, but fans are already bullish on what he's doing. His willing to make in-game adjustments and switch schemes will be a sight for sore eyes relative to Quinn's stubborn coaching method.

Speaking of making adjustments, Zimmer will also ditch one of Quinn's game day rituals that never quite resonated with Cowboys fans.

Cowboys DC Mike Zimmer to be on sideline during games

Zimmer confirmed to Cowboys media on Tuesday that he will be on the sideline during games. Fans will remember that Quinn preferred to have a bird's eye view of game and would coach the defense from the booth. Zimmer's reason for wanting to be close to the field of play is a breath of fresh air.

"I’ve always been on the sideline, number one. Number two, I want to catch them when they come off [the field], so I can talk to them. If there’s adjustments that need be made, then I want to be able to sit down and do them with them."

Cowboys DC Mike Zimmer

Old-school fans appreciate a coach that wants to be on the sideline. Even though Quinn was in the locker room at halftime, there's only so much in-game coaching he can do from a booth hundreds of yards away.

Being on the sideline will allow Zimmer to explain alterations and scheme switches first-hand and correct mistakes as they happen. Zimmer is renowned for laying into his defenses after a poor drive or collection of mistakes. He wouldn't be afforded that luxury sitting in a booth.

Between converting Mazi Smith back to his familiar nose tackle position and wanting to be on the sideline during games, Zimmer embracing a complete deviation from Quinn's methods and rituals might be just what the doctor ordered for the Cowboys' defense.

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