Mike McCarthy boosts Cowboys job security out of nowhere thanks to Micah Parsons

This certainly doesn't hurt Mike McCarthy's chances of sticking around beyond 2024.
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys stunned the NFL landscape when they retained Mike McCarthy following their blowout loss in the first round of the playoffs. While the defense didn't give the offense a chance, it was an indictment on McCarthy how much the Cowboys were overwhelmed by the moment and bullied by a Packers side that was among the youngest teams in the league.

Even though McCarthy is back for another season, he'll be coaching in a lame-duck year after Jerry Jones elected not to give him an extension. McCarthy said he relishes the pressure that comes with not having job security, but it's an unnecessary distraction nonetheless.

Jones' motive is seemingly obvious, however. If McCarthy got an extension, he would have to pay two coaches in 2025 if he were to fire McCarthy after next season.

An appearance in the NFC Championship Game is regarded as the bare minimum for McCarthy to keep his job. What shouldn't be understated, though, is that McCarthy has the full-fledged support of the locker room. Count Micah Parsons among that group.

In a recent interview, Parsons gave McCarthy a ringing endorsement and shared his appreciation for the head coach taking him under his wing following the departure of his mentor, Dan Quinn.

Micah Parsons' gives Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy glowing endorsement before contract year

"We met for an hour or so just the other week," Parsons said, via Cowboys team reporter Patrik Walker. "I don't think people understand just how much more McCarthy is invested in me in becoming a leader, and how he thinks I value the team and where we're headed. I think McCarthy is really good and I really value our conversations and our relationship growing more as he's been here.

And I think that's very powerful to me. He's taken on the challenge of, when Dan [Quinn] left, to be that voice for me and I really appreciate that."

Those are strong words from Parsons and they bold extremely well for McCarthy once the time comes for Jones to decide on his future. Not that it was strained before, but it seems Parsons and McCarthy's relationship has really blossomed following Quinn's departure.

For those that don't think what Parsons and the Cowboys' locker room thinks of McCarthy will factor into Jones' decision should think again.

Dak Prescott went to bat for McCarthy after the playoff loss against Green Bay and multiple anonymous Cowboys defended the head coach amid speculation of his future. Their appreciation for the culture McCarthy has fostered and his genuine love for his players were among the strongest endorsements. McCarthy's return was confirmed just a few days later.

We can't say for certain that those reports influenced Jones' decision, but it certainly didn't hurt McCarthy's case. Now that face of the franchise and soon-to-be richest defensive player in NFL history Micah Parsons has stuck up for McCarthy, his odds of returning in 2025 have increased ever so slightly.

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