Micah Parsons had best-possible reaction to Ezekiel Elliott's return

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The Dallas Cowboys accepted defeat as far as selecting a running back in the NFL Draft following their No. 87 overall pick in round three. Rather than reach on a player, they exercised patience and signed old friend Ezekiel Elliott two days after the draft concluded.

Jerry Jones said he still views Elliott as a starting running back. The stats would suggest otherwise, but Cowboys fans will be hard-pressed to take issue with this reunion.

On one hand, Elliott's return will be great for the locker room. On the field, Zeke is the most experienced back on the roster and he'll bring value at the goal line and in pass protection. His willingness to run into contact will be key for the Cowboys when they want to bleed clock late in games.

It's fair to assume that most (if not all) of Dallas' locker room is thrilled to have Elliott back. Dak Prescott has yet to react to the news, but Micah Parsons gave the Cowboys great a proper welcome home on social media.

Cowboys' Micah Parsons has wholesome reaction to Ezekiel Elliott's return home

Parsons' reaction likely echoes that of the entire Cowboys locker room. Elliott remains close with several Cowboys players, including Prescott. That's an added bonus to the reunion. Elliott had to overcome some obstacles early in his career, but he quickly developed into a consummate teammate.

That's what made his release difficult to reckon with. Not only did the Cowboys lose their third-leading rusher in franchise history, but they lost a great leader and person. Of course, that move was necessary due to Elliott's lofty cap hit and salary and declining production.

Now, though, Zeke's contract aligns with his level of play. He got a one-year, $3 million contract, including just $2 million guaranteed. Five running backs this offseason who are older than Elliott signed bigger deals: Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Gus Edwards, Austin Ekeler and Cordarrelle Patterson.

It's easy to see why Parsons is so pumped to have Elliott back. The Cowboys' running game didn't meet expectations last season. It was poor in the grand scheme, but it seldom showed up situationally as well. Still an intelligent back despite his declining athleticism, Elliott will help rectify that.

That's not to say that Dallas shouldn't add another running back. They absolutely should. Elliott should handle 15-plus touches per game. Somewhere in the 8-12 range feels like a happy medium. Until then, Cowboys fans should feel like Parsons does: thrilled that Zeke is back where he belongs.

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