LeSean McCoy is back with Dak Prescott take that will make Cowboys fans’ ears bleed

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

There isn't a bad thing folks can say about Dak Prescott right after he engineered a fourth-quarter comeback against the Seahawks in Week 13. With the win, Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys beat its first team with a winning record.

Despite playing markedly better than the next-best QB over the last two months, the media held that fact against Prescott. It's a fair criticism, but you can only play who's on your schedule and Prescott's helped the Cowboys smother opponents.

The win vs the Seahawks should simmer most of the goal-post-moving for now. Not only was 6-5 before that game, but Prescott played from behind all game and had little (arguably zero) margin for error with the defense allowing Geno Smith and D.K. Metcalf to morph into Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison.

In the eyes of noted Cowboys and Prescott hater LeSean McCoy, though, Dak was too good. He didn't face enough adversity. It's not enough his defense gave up 400 yards and five touchdowns to a previously-struggling Seattle offense.

Nope. In order for Prescott to be considered an MVP candidate, McCoy wants him to make mistakes to see how he responds.

LeSean McCoy clearly out of reasons to bash Cowboys' Dak Prescott with latest criticism

“We need to see Dak miss a read, throw a pick, we didn’t see that. Fumble, what happens. We need to see that. How do you respond? Because normally, when I see him respond, it’s ain’t responding like that. It ain’t responding with a whole three or four touchdowns. It ain’t that. So that’s what I want to see. When things are going bad…when he misses up, how he responds.”

This is laugh-out-loud funny in that McCoy is clearly out of reasons to criticize Prescott. The show must go on, however, so McCoy argues that Prescott playing the best football of his career (he's been the NFL's best quarterback for more than half the season) isn't enough to put him in the MVP discussion.

Leading the league in every advanced passing metric be damned. Prescott must play terrible and turn the football over in order to be elite. Kudos to McCoy for concocting this brilliant case of reverse psychology. It's a mystery how nobody came up with this before the former Eagle.

Make no mistake: this is a massive L for McCoy. That doesn't make the fact that he's still allowed to spew such buffoonery on national television, but Fox has proven in the past with its hirings of Skip Bayless and Craig Carton that ratings supersede worthwhile analysis and moral high ground.

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