Dak Prescott made Craig Carton eat disgusting pregnancy criticism with epic TNF performance

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages

Will Dak Prescott still have critics after the Dallas Cowboys' thrilling come-from-behind victory on Thursday Night Football? Obviously.

When the Seahawks inevitable drop to below .500 after they play the 49ers and Eagles in consecutive weeks, folks will undoubtedly hold this win against Prescott even though Seattle is a borderline playoff team.

The Prescott haters are running out of ammunition. He's been the best quarterback on the planet for two months now and he jumped to second in MVP odds after throwing for 299 yards and three touchdowns in Thursday's win.

Even still, folks will come up with any reason to slander Dak. It comes with the territory of being the Cowboys' quarterback. "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" is the famous Shakespeare quote and Prescott wears it better than anyone.

Sure enough, the QB was subjected to vile criticism this week when FS1 personality Craig Carton -- the same guy who served time for felony fraud -- besmirched Prescott because he's about to become a father. To make matters worse, Carton took aim at Prescott's girlfriend, Sarah Jane Ramos.

Cowboys' Dak Prescott dunked on Craig Carton's pregnancy criticism with epic TNF performance

“I’m a big fan of fatherhood, I’m blessed with four beautiful, healthy children," Carton said. "This is a terrible distraction now for Dak Prescott. He’s not married, right? So now I gotta question is she a gold digger? She might not be. I gotta question it, right? Alright, number three, you’ve got everything going great. The last thing you need now is the distraction.”

It's such a big distraction that Prescott authored a fourth quarter comeback to keep the Cowboys hopes of winning the NFC East alive. He was the only thing working for Dallas on Thursday. He would've thrown for five touchdowns if not for drops by Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb.

Prescott is squarely in the MVP race after Thursday night, but sure, let's shift the conversation to a baby that's due after the Super Bowl.

Prescott revealed to reporters this week that the baby girl is due in March, which is the slowest part of the offseason for players. It's anyone's guess if Prescott and Ramos planned the pregnancy around the NFL season, but you couldn't script a better time than early March for the QB to go on paternity leave.

If their baby is due in March, Prescott likely knew Ramos was pregnant before the NFL season started. He delayed the announcement (presumably) so it wouldn't serve as a distraction. He knew it would make headlines.

For Carton to come at Prescott over his soon-to-be-fatherhood after he was convicted on felony fraud and sentenced to three and a half years in prison. He was released after 12 months and was swiftly rehired by WFAN and Fox.

The best part is Carton's words won't faze Prescott, and rightfully so. Why would a lion concern himself with the opinions of sheep?

His play has done all the talking.

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