Jerry Jones’ silence amid Cowboys family drama feels very wrong

Dec 30, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones applauds during the Ring of
Dec 30, 2023; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones applauds during the Ring of / Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason hasn't even started and yet it's already hard to keep up with the drama surrounding the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones' decision to keep Mike McCarthy didn't move the needle, especially now that McCarthy won't receive an extension, making him a lame duck coach in the final year of his contract.

That's huge news, but it's been pushed to the backburner thanks to some drama spurred on by family members of Cowboys stars.

After the Cowboys' playoff loss, CeeDee Lamb's mom Leta Ramirez unloaded on Dak Prescott on Facebook. She alleged Prescott doesn't want to win a Super Bowl and "isn't it", implying the Cowboys need to find a different quarterback. In replying to a fan, Ramirez said she wishes Lamb would go play for the Texans and essentially called rookie C.J. Stroud a better QB than Prescott.

That alone should warrant a statement from Jerry Jones, but the owner has been silent as his Cowboys dissolve into a soap opera. Prescott deserves so much better, and yet Jones is nowhere to be found defending his QB.

ESPN analyst Domonique Foxworth called out Jones on "Get Up" this week.

Jerry Jones' silence amid Cowboys family drama is irresponsible

It goes beyond Lamb's mom, too. Micah Parsons' brother, Terrence, went at the Cowboys organization on Twitter after the loss. Terrence said "the greatest crimes to this man [Parsons] is being done by his own organization." He went on to hint that Parsons will eventually leave the Cowboys.

Parsons since released a statement on Twitter in which he distanced himself from his brother's opinion. The fact Parsons had the awareness to release a statement makes Jones look so much worse.

Fed up with the Prescott slander, the quarterback's brother, Tad, called out Cowboys fans and said he would get Dak out of Dallas if he could.

Again, where is Jones? For someone who addresses the media every week and does a weekly radio hit on 105.3 The Fan, Jones' silence speaks volumes. He has the power to nip this drama in the bud with a pro-Prescott statement.

Something along the lines of: "The Cowboys organization is aware of the comments made by . . . We are working internally to resolve the issue. Dak Prescott had a great season. He is our quarterback and we look forward to having him as our quarterback in 2024 and beyond."

It's really that simple. And yet, Jones has said nothing. We all know Jones loves when the Cowboys are the center of conversation. Their season ended almost three weeks ago and they continue to lead talk shows as family members of the team's star players attack the QB and fans.

As Foxworth noted, Prescott is the franchise's best quarterback since Troy Aikman. He's never put a foot wrong off the field and always takes accountability after losses. He's never thrown a teammate or coach under the bus. Playoff record be damned. As a human being, Prescott at the bare minimum deserves respect.

By not addressing the drama, Jones is subjecting Prescott to this. As the team's owner and de facto general manager, that's a horrible look and makes you wonder where his priorities lie.

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