Jerry Jones went viral at league meetings as Cowboys offseason reaches new low

Jan 7, 2024; Landover, Maryland, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks off the field after
Jan 7, 2024; Landover, Maryland, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones walks off the field after / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So, can we fast forward to the 2024 NFL Draft? We hate to rush the offseason, but the Dallas Cowboys have done nothing in free agency to inject confidence into their fans. After Jerry Jones promised to be "all-in", no team has spent fewer money this offseason than the Cowboys.

It's gotten to the point where Cowboys fans dread every time Jerry and Stephen Jones are scheduled to address the media. They often give folks what they want to hear in terms of filling roster holes and winning a Super Bowl, but their actions suggest winning is not, in fact, a priority.

At the league meetings, Jerry Jones gave a predictable synopsis of the Cowboys offseason. He doubled down on his conviction in Dak Prescott and laughably stated that Dallas couldn't afford Tyron Smith if he hit all the incentives in his contract. Of course, Smith reaching his playing-time incentives would mean he's stayed healthy, which is obviously in the best interest of the team.

Incredibly, those aren't the only reasons Jones found himself trending on social media. Granted, those quotes are maddening, but it took Twitter (or X) all of a minute to roast Jones for his scribble-riddled notepad.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones roasted at league meetings over notepad scribbles

Those scribbles are a sad encapsulation of the Cowboys offseason to date. It's duly noted Jones might not be familiar with how social media works, but he's also a brilliant businessman. Surely he knew a notepad full of scribbles would gain traction, no? Or maybe the 81-year-old is actually that oblivious.

According to Yahoo Sports' Jori Epstein, Jones used multiple pages of the notebook to emphasize his belief that the Cowboys are, in fact, all-in. Unfortunately, Jones wasn't listing points to strengthen his argument or mapping out why Dallas is right up against the salary cap. He was drawing lines and circles.

The replies, as you might expect, were ruthless.

One Twitter user joked "Live look at Jerry Jones working up Dak's new contract." Another cracked "Sneak peak at the Cowboys draft board." This last one was a sobering truth bomb: "This man is in charge of the most valuable sports franchise in the United States."

Did we mention that Jones declared at the meetings that he has no regrets giving Ezekiel Elliott a six-year, $90 million contract? We'll call that the icing on the cake.

The Cowboys have already taken slings and arrows for their inactivity during free agency. Jones pouring gasoline on the fire by doodling (!) on a notepad while addressing the media is not something we expected to cover in this lifetime. It's preposterous, even by Jones' standards.

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