Deion Sanders calls out Jerry Jones amid Cowboys quiet free agency

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys
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A large number of Dallas Cowboys fans have just about had it with owner Jerry Jones. Though Jones has kept a low profile during the Cowboys' dormant free agency, he spoke to reporters at the league meetings in Orlando and predictably caused more harm than good. Actually, there was no good. It was all harm.

For starters, a photo of Jones' notepad went viral on social media. Did the pad contain important tidbits about Dallas' offseason? What about bullet points from the actual meetings? Nope. It was a bunch of scribbles, which is actually (and sadly) an accurate portrait of the Cowboys' offseason.

While a Super Bowl is never won in March and spending big in free agency seldom translates to winning late in January, it's impossible to defend Dallas' approach. Luckily for Jones, there's still a path for the front office to salvage free agency before the NFL Draft comes into focus.

Former Cowboys great Deion Sanders laid out that path on Instagram over the weekend when he received a visit from a current Dallas free agent.

Deion Sanders wants the Cowboys to re-sign Stephon Gilmore and he's right

Like Sanders said, the Cowboys need to "stop playing" and re-sign Stephon Gilmore.

While cornerback Jourdan Lewis re-upped with Dallas, he's primarily a nickel corner. The same can be said for DaRon Bland, who played exclusively outside after Trevon Diggs suffered a torn ACL two games into the season. Bland had an All-Pro season and notched a record five pick-sixes, but he's better suited in the slot.

And what about Diggs? Can we say with absolute certainty that he'll hit the ground running next season? While Diggs is expected to be cleared for training camp, it could take some time before the perennial Pro Bowler is back to playing his best football. We saw Tony Pollard take nearly half the season to return to form after his ankle surgery and fractured fibula.

Granted, Pollard's injury occurred at the very end of the campaign in January. Diggs' occurred in early-October. But it's not inconceivable that Diggs, even with a full training camp, takes time to rediscover his all-word level of play.

That's why bringing Gilmore back is so important. The Cowboys will be drafting for need thanks to their inactive free agency, so it's not like they have the flexibility to spend a high pick on a corner. Gilmore is still playing at a borderline Pro Bowl level and checks every box in terms of off-field intangibles (winning pedigree, veteran leadership, demeanor, etc.)

More importantly, Gilmore wants to be back in Dallas.

Hopefully, Sanders' message lights a fire under Jerry Jones. Losing Tyron Smith was a gut punch, but re-signing Gilmore would do a lot to mask an absolutely dreadful start to a pivotal offseason.

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