Jerry Jones disrespected Cowboys' fifth-round selection before even making the pick

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The Dallas Cowboys are without a fourth-round pick in the NFL Draft. They traded that pick to the 49ers in August for quarterback Trey Lance. That deal has not aged as the Cowboys have hoped, as Lance enters his second season in Dallas having not taken a single snap under center.

Time will tell if the trade works out for Dallas, but the current signs aren't promising. On day three of the draft Saturday, the Lance trade came full-circle as the 49ers used the fourth-rounder acquired from the Cowboys on Wake Forest safety Malik Mustapha.

Mustapha is a phenomenal tackler and should make an instant impact in San Francisco. It goes without saying that Cowboys fans will keep tabs on Mustapha's career. Given Lance's current outlook, it's not farfetched to say that Dallas might have been better off with Mustapha.

If you asked Jerry Jones, though, he doesn't regret trading for Lance. In fact, Jones doubled down Friday night after day two in his conviction in Lance when he was asked if he has any regrets about making the deal given Dallas is without a fourth-round pick on day three.

Jerry Jones just disrespected Cowboys' fifth-round selection before making the pick

Give Jones credit for one thing: he's mastered the art of making headlines. The Cowboys owner could have simply stated he has no regrets about the deal and believes that Lance will eventually come good. Like he always does, though, he went a bridge too far and made an unnecessary proclamation about the former third overall pick.

Jones saying he would trade a fourth-round pick for Lance today is wildly disrespectful to the Cowboys' next draft choice. Of course, Jones didn't think of that in the moment, but that's what happens when you makes an exaggeratory statement.

That is oddly Jones' coping mechanism for questionable roster moves. He was never going to concede that trading a fourth for Lance was a puzzling decision, even though other QBs from the 2021 draft class were acquired for less despite making more starts than Lance.

The Steelers acquired Justin Fields for a conditional sixth-round pick. Fields has accounted for 54 touchdowns in three years. Lance has completed 56 passes since he was drafted. Meanwhile, Mac Jones was acquired for a sixth-round pick. Jones threw for 46 touchdowns and won 18 games in three years with the Patriots. Lance has thrown for five touchdowns and has started just four games.

We'll know soon enough whom the Cowboys select in round five. If it were up to Jones, he'd ship that player to San Francisco for Lance all over again.

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