Jalen Ramsey outfit, Dolphins postgame song choice add more humiliation to Cowboys loss

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys are on their first losing streak in two years after they lost to the Miami Dolphins on Christmas Eve. Going that long without losing back-to-back games is impressive, but it rings hollow after the Cowboys shot themselves in the foot numerous times in another road loss.

A big takeaway from the game? Jalen Ramsey's impact, or lack thereof. The lockdown cornerback pleaded with Vic Fangio to shadow CeeDee Lamb, but he was sequestered to one side of the field while Lamb went for 118 yards and a touchdown.

Unfortunately for Lamb and the Cowboys, Ramsey and the Dolphins can talk all the trash they want after the win, which saw them clinch a playoff berth.

Ramsey actually gave Dallas bulletin board material before kickoff by arriving to Hard Rock Stadium rocking a Cowboy hat. A bold outfit choice, indeed.

Jalen Ramsey outfit, Dolphins postgame song choice add more humiliation to Cowboys' Christmas Eve loss

Ramsey was asking to end up on "Old Takes Exposed" with this outfit -- or at least public enemy No. 1 of Dolphins Twitter -- but he and the Dolphins backed it up. While Miami wasn't perfect, they were down multiple starters on their offensive line and ultimately committed fewer mistakes than the Cowboys.

What really rubs salt in Dallas' wound, though, was the Dolphins song choice for their postgame celebration.

Cowboys fans are all too familiar with this song.

It had to be "We Dem Boyz", didn't it? Cowboys fans often scream that line to the heavens following big wins. Conversely, though, it's often the first song choice Cowboys trolls turn to following Dallas losses. We've grown accustomed to haters like Stephen A. Smith yelling "How 'bout them Cowboys?" in cringy postgame videos that poke fun at Dallas, but "We Dem Boyz" stings all of the same.

Cowboys fans just have to take it in stride, even though it's a slightly cliché taunting job from the Dolphins. A win is a win at the end of the day no matter how ugly, and it allowed the Dolphins to clinch a playoff berth and draw one victory closer to clinching the AFC East and a first-round home playoff game.

The Cowboys, meanwhile, are licking their wounds heading into a must-win game (at home, thankfully) against the NFC North-champion Lions. While we can expect a more buttoned-up performance from Dallas, nothing that happens over the final two games should quell concerns about this team potentially having to win three games on the road in the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys simply are not "Dem Boyz" on the road.

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