Is Cowboys' Jake Ferguson already one of the best tight ends in the NFL?

After losing Dalton Schultz to free agency last year, many wondered how the void would be filled. Jake Ferguson has done just that and a whole lot more
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Cowboys' Jake Ferguson is already one of the NFL's best tight ends

His contributions have pushed Dallas to lead the NFL in scoring at around 33 points per game. When you are pointing up as much points as the Cowboys are this year, someone has to eat right? Ferguson has been one of the many stars, eating good in Dallas.

This year after 13 games played, Ferguson has hauled in 51 balls for 572 yards receiving and six touchdowns. In his respective tight end group, Ferguson is standing with some of the best in the league. Ferguson is in the top seven in both receiving yards and receptions and is currently number five in touchdowns.

What makes Ferguson so good is his solid hands, his precise body control on catches and he is good at running the right routes. Many tight ends have one route or two that they can perfect and other times, when not blocking, they just run their own route seemingly to try to get open.

Ferguson however with his ability to run routes affectively, gives defenders trouble because they are pretty much trying to handle a bigger-framed wide receiver. A 6'6, 244 pound football player fits the mold as "big-framed" perfectly.

Being apart of a talented offense, it could be hard to stand-out for some players. Ferguson however, is too talented for Dallas to not continue to feed him. Often times tight ends are looked at as safety nets for the quarterback. Ferguson can prove that to be true.

The connection he has made with Dak Prescott is a connection we have seen Prescott make with trustworthy players in the past. Prescott is known to feed his tight ends and/or use them as a safety blanket. Ferguson has been that guy for Prescott to lean on. He is mature and he plays hard, just the type of guy Prescott would love to have.

The pairs' connection on that tight-end seam route that they love, sheesh. That play especially is almost as much of a guarantee to convert as the Eagles' tush push play. Ferguson is a matchup nightmare for linebackers and slower/smaller safeties. Thus, the seam play is the duos go-to for good reason.

The maturity that Ferguson possesses and how he has grown this year is much credit to his days as a Badger. He was a starter all four seasons his was at Wisconsin, which is a rare feat when you are not a quarterback. It is safe to say that all the years of preparation have made it easy for Ferguson to be so effective when he got a bigger role in this offense.

From an individual game outlook, Ferguson's best came against Philadelphia in their first meeting five weeks ago, netting season highs in receptions and yards. In a rematch between the two on Sunday night, Ferguson was efficient yet again netting collecting five catches for 72 yards in route to a big 33-13 Cowboys victory.

The play of the game for Ferguson was his big 3rd and 6 conversion in the middle of the third quarter that he took a Prescott pass over the middle and bullied his way to pick up 32 yards. The conversion would lead to a Dallas field goal thanks to Brandon Aubrey to put the score to 27-13.

In football, there are always players on contending teams that thrive in a bigger role, catch fire during a season and are the teams' x-factor. Ferguson has been that guy since the seasons' start and has maintained consistent for the Cowboys offense. Stats aside, to opposing defenses, It would go Lamb, Cooks, Pollard and then Ferguson, in terms off attention of who to cover first. Some can still underestimate what Ferguson is capable of and leave him open. When you do that, chances are, Ferguson will make you pay.

What Dallas as a team is doing is somewhat unexpected and finally people are turning their heads and accepting the fact that hmmm, the Cowboys might be that good. Many are giving individual players more praise this time around as well, and Ferguson is one of the deserving of praise.

Ferguson himself is doing was unexpected yes, but seeing the type of player he is physically and mentally, it is no surprise that Ferguson is having this much success. He is a true football player and his toughness can put Dallas in good position to win more games this year and years to come. Watch out for Jake Ferguson to continue making plays as Dallas continues their quest for post-season contention.

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