SNF team terrifyingly predicts Cowboys to beat Eagles in clean sweep

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys came up inches short of beating the Philadelphia Eagles in their first meeting of the season.

Bake in the fact that the Cowboys have won 14 straight games at home and are riding a four-game winning streak overall -- and that Philly got drubbed by the 49ers last week -- it's no surprise Dallas was a -3.5 favorite for Sunday night's rivalry game.

Cowboys fans were surprisingly confident (and anxious) leading up to kickoff and that confidence was prevalent among the general media, too.

Look no further than NBC's pregame show. During the predictions segment, the entire Sunday Night Football desk sans lead host Maria Taylor predicted a Cowboys win. That includes Rodney Harrison, who hasn't refrained from taking the road less traveled as an analyst this season.

SNF team terrifyingly predicts Cowboys to beat Eagles in clean sweep

That picture is going to haunt Cowboys Nation until there's no time remaining in the game (with Dallas hopefully on the right side of the scoreboard). Forget the famous announcer jinx. The entire SNF desk picking the Cowboys sets the stage for an all-time jinx job.

At least nobody picked a Cowboys blowout, though, right? You might remember when former head coach Jason Garrett went viral last season after he predicted Dallas to beat the Indianapolis Colts "by 40." Incredibly, the Cowboys, spearheaded by a historic 33-0 scoring run in the fourth quarter, toppled Indy 54-19.

Garrett also found himself trending earlier this season after he predicted Dallas to beat the 49ers back in Week 5. He was the lone SNF team member who picked the Cowboys. As most fans feared, it turned out to be a bad omen as Dallas got steamrolled 42-10 in humiliating fashion.

There's been no bad omen sightings thus far tonight, however.

Dak Prescott connected with CeeDee Lamb for a 13-yard touchdown on the game's first drive after Philly won the toss and deferred. That was followed by a Jalen Hurts fumble recovered by Donovan Wilson as the Eagles offense was driving on its first possession, and a 60-yard field goal from Brandon Aubrey.

So far, so good for tonight's SNF desk. Still a long way to go, though. Plenty of time for these predictions to rear their ugly head, as they often do.

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