Giants' Andrew Thomas has to do better than this comeback to Micah Parsons' chirping

Is this the best Andrew Thomas has? Micah Parsons is going to feast yet again.
Nov 24, 2022; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) and New York
Nov 24, 2022; Arlington, Texas, USA; Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons (11) and New York / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a good six or seven years since the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants rivalry has had juice and genuine appeal. The G-Men played the Cowboys tough on Thanksgiving last season, but Micah Parsons and Co. asserted their dominance in the third quarter and ultimately won a 28-20 battle.

It's no secret that Parsons loves the spotlight, and he was a nuisance for Daniel Jones and left tackle Andrew Thomas with the entire country watching.

Thomas established himself as one of the NFL's premier left tackles, but he struggled to limit Parsons' impact in the game. So much so that Parsons let Thomas and Giants fans know about it on Twitter after the win.

"Heard he [Thomas] was the best!! I stayed on His side all game!!" Parsons posted.

Leading up to Sunday night, Thomas had a prime chance to shrug off Parsons' trash talk and the former No. 4 overall pick didn't come close.

Giants OT Andrew Thomas has lame comeback to Cowboys' Micah Parsons' trash talk

Credit for Thomas for not taking the bait, but this is a pretty tame comeback. It also isn't entirely accurate. Parsons is one of the game's most willing chirpers, and he almost always backs it up on the field. The two-time All-Pro did speak with his play on Thanksgiving, so Thomas' words don't hold a ton of credence.

Again, Thomas was nails protecting Jones' blindside last year. In this context, though, his play didn't do any semblance of talking.

For the game, Parsons racked up five pressures, two sacks, three hurries and two run stops, according to Pro Football Focus. He had better games -- his 12 pressures against the Jaguars were a season high -- but as he noted on social media, he did that against one of the best offensive lineman in the sport.

Additionally, Thomas' 57.8 player grade for Week 12 was by far his worst of the season. He largely graded out in the 70.0's and 80.0's and didn't post a grade lower than 66.9 in all his other games, per PFF. And yet, he allowed three pressures, two hurries and a sack, all against Parsons.

Parsons didn't bring anything special for the Giants OT. He's simply that great and his mentality doesn't waver depending on the opponent.

Thomas is a better version of the player we saw on Thanksgiving, but so is Parsons, who fully anticipates to win Defensive Player of the Year.

There are ample intriguing matchups to watch Sunday night, but Parsons vs. Thomas (assuming they meet on the left side) undoubtedly tops the list now that Parsons' 2022 trash talk has been unearthed.

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