3 exciting free agents the Cowboys could still sign before training camp

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The Dallas Cowboys have 88 players on the active roster heading into 2024 training camp, leaving room for the team to add two more players to compete for a roster spot this season. Dallas is not going to sign a superstar at this point in the summer but they could find someone who turns into a contributor next season.

The funds are slightly limited but there is enough room to add the two extra players. According to Over The Cap, the Cowboys have just over $12 million in effective cap space, giving the team enough room to sign two cheap contracts while still having an in-season budget.

It may happen right before training camp or it could happen during camp once the team realizes there is a particular hole on the roster. Either way, let's dive into some free agents who make sense for the Cowboys on the open market.

3 free agents the Cowboys could still sign before training camp:

Leonard Fournette

It was recently reported Leonard Fournette is in the best shape of his life and is looking to sign with an NFL team soon. Reports like this do not appear out of thin air and there is a good chance Fournette is at least getting some interest from NFL teams.

It is logical to guess that the Cowboys could be one of those theorized teams. Running back is one of the most concerning positions on the depth chart heading into 2024 and while Fournette wouldn't instantly fix the problem, he would give the team another veteran who can fight for snaps next season.

Hunter Renfrow

Hunter Renfrow's fall from grace was unexpected and can probably be pinned on former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. Renfrow was considered one of the best slot receivers in the league rather recently and now finds himself without a team months after the Raiders released him.

Renfrow is still only 28 years old so there definitely is a world in which he can still produce at a moderate level. This is not a case where a receiver instantly regressed because of age. The talent is still there in Renfrow, he just needs the right team to bring it out in him.

As promising as Jalen Tolbert is, it would benefit the Cowboys to add a cheap veteran receiver to the room who can log snaps in the slot. Renfrow could enter the fray as a rotational receiver option and if he starts to look like the old version of himself he will become a key member of the passing game in 2024.

Stephon Gilmore

Stephon Gilmore still has not signed with an NFL team and every day he remains unsigned his price goes down. As productive as Gilmore was last season, it never made sense to re-sign him at a premium price considering the regression risk attached to his age.

That being said, if Gilmore's inability to sign with a team this late in the process ends up driving his price way down then it is a no-brainer for all parties involved to re-sign Gilmore and welcome him back to the fold.

The Cowboys would get someone who they are more than familiar with who knows what it takes to be successful in this defense. Gilmore would remain in a familiar place with a chance to win a Super Bowl as a member of the Cowboys.