Ex-Eagles linebacker dunked on Dak Prescott, Cowboys fans after game-sealing interception

This ex-Eagles linebacker still hates the Cowboys.
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals
Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages

The Dallas Cowboys got punked by the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The defeat brought a humbling end to Dallas' dominant start to the season and brings into question the team's status as one of the NFL's clearcut Super Bowl contenders.

One loss shouldn't change that -- though they might take a tumble in this week's power rankings -- but it was a humbling afternoon for Dak Prescott and Co.

Prescott tossed his first interception of the season. Sure enough, the media and NFL Twitter have been busy cracking jokes. It occurred with three minutes left in the fourth quarter and Dallas trailing 28-16, which was the final score.

The turnover didn't lose the game, but ruled out any possibility of a Cowboys comeback. A screenshot of the INT shows that Prescott threw into triple coverage, but it would've been a touchdown if the QB got more air under the throw.

Alas, Cardinals linebacker Kyzir White put the game on ice. An Eagle in 2022, White had a callous message for Prescott after the pick.

Kyzir White blasted Dak Prescott, Cowboys fans after game-sealing interception for Cardinals

It was somewhat surprising the Eagles let White leave in free agency, but the fan base celebrated his interception of Prescott like he's still a member of the team. That's expected. If Dalton Schultz caught a game-winning touchdown for the Texans against Philly, Cowboys fans would be right there saluting their former tight end.

In a vacuum, this is another gut-punch the Cowboys have to take in the aftermath of losing as double-digit favorites.

Prescott isn't a bum, but respect between professional athletes is few and far between on the battlefield and White had just secured an unlikely victory for his new squad that just so happened to come against his former rival.

It's a bit odd that White possesses this much hatred for Dallas considering he only spent one year with the Eagles, however. He played four years with the Chargers as a former fourth-round pick and only signed with Philly last year.

It would appear one season in Philadelphia did a number on White, who trolled Cowboys fans who overwhelmed State Farm Stadium throughout the game, but left in the fourth quarter with Dallas trailing by two scores.

"I don't like the Cowboys at all and never did."

That settles that. It seems like the linebacker grew up hating America's Team, which obviously isn't unheard of. He couldn't have scripted a better ending to Sunday's game if he tried and deserves to soak in this moment.

That being said, Prescott isn't going to forget this exchange anytime soon. If their paths cross again in the future, whether it be in Arizona or elsewhere, the Cowboys QB will definitely have a comeback at the ready.

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