Eagles fans already fed up with Shaq Leonard proves Cowboys avoided disaster

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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It's probably hyperbole to say the Dallas Cowboys are desperate for a linebacker, but it says a lot about the state of the position that they're kicking the tires on former draft pick Damien Wilson, who played with the team from 2015-18.

Signing Wilson would represent a low-risk move with a potentially high reward. It was't long ago Cowboys fans thought Shaquille Leonard would fall under the same designation.

Fans were up in arms when Leonard picked the Eagles over Dallas. At the time, though, Philadelphia was atop the NFC with a10-2 record and was getting set to put a stranglehold on the NFC East with a win against the Cowboys in Week 14.

That didn't happen. The Cowboys clobbered the Eagles and the win sent their rivals into an unprecedented tailspin. Since then, they've blown a fourth quarter lead to the Drew-Lock-led Seahawks and lost again this past Sunday to the lowly Cardinals despite leading 21-6 at halftime.

What makes the Eagles' demise all the more sweet? The fact Eagles fans are already fed up with Leonard, who's proven to be a huge liability.

Eagles fans already sick of Shaq Leonard proves Cowboys dodged disaster signing

Thank heavens the Eagles offered Leonard more playing time than the Cowboys. That, in addition to reuniting with former coach Nick Sirianni, seemingly persuaded Leonard to pick Philly, and Jerry Jones should be thanking his lucky stars.

Leonard's body just doesn't move like it did before his multiple back surgeries. It's unfortunate, but it explains why he went unclaimed on waivers.

Look no further than this running play against the Cardinals. The former All-Pro shoots the gap thinking he could reach James Conner before the lane closes. He arrived a tick too late and then made a lame-duck effort to bring down the running back.

Two years ago, Leonard probably tackles Conner at the line of scrimmage. His rapid decline in athleticism is why so many Cowboys talking heads were hesitant about signing him. While everyone agreed he'd be a solid depth option and bring more leadership to the locker room, his play was always a point of concern.

It's a sad state of affairs for the Eagles, but Leonard is the least of their concerns. There are reports claiming that A.J. Brown is annoyed with the coaching staff and the locker room is divided.

The Cowboys still have concerns at linebacker, but it's clear Leonard would've created more headaches than solutions. The Eagles might have won the free agency battle, but they undoubtedly lost the war because Leonard is a major liability and their defense still can't stop a nosebleed.

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