Eagles blog disrespects Jason Peters with wild claim about his Cowboys contract

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Dallas Cowboys will return to the field for training camp in late July. They'll be hoping to avoid another serious injury to a star player, as Tyron Smith suffered a torn hamstring and knee fracture that sidelined him until Week 15.

Luckily, the Cowboys drafted Tyler Smith to play left tackle, but the injury forced them into signing longtime rival Jason Peters, who had spent the previous 11 seasons with the Eagles becoming one of the best OL of his generation.

It was a savvy piece of business by the Cowboys. Many folks were skeptic about signing a 40-year-old tackle off the street. While Peters missed seven games through injury, he provided needed stability across the offensive line, including left tackle, left guard and right tackle.

It's unlikely that Dallas pursues a reunion with the nine-time Pro Bowler, but fans undoubtedly appreciate his services.

As it turns out, Eagles fans don't feel the same. In fact, one blog went as far as to claim Peters gambled on games -- losing $8 million in the process -- as a means to sabotage Philadelphia's longtime division rival.

Eagles blog claims Jason Peters gambled on games with Cowboys

Eagles fan in a nutshell, ladies and gents.

This is flat-out embarrassing and disrespectful to Peters and everything he accomplished in Philadelphia. Is this the world we live in now? Slighting all-time greats in the name of scoring a couple thousand likes on social media?

The saddest part? The blog doubled down. It has zero remorse -- or is simply oblivious to the fact they made an incriminating assertion against Peters. Players found guilty of betting on NFL games have received a season-long ban.

The league has let to lay the hammer on Colts cornerback Isaiah Rodgers Jr., who's being investigated for "pervasive" gambling violations, including placing wagers involving the Colts last season.

It's been postulated that Rodgers, who confessed on social media, could receive a lifetime ban from the league.

Rodgers could have gambled away his NFL career, and this Eagles blog is throwing around accusations willy nilly.

And what's this talk about Peters damaging his Eagles legacy by signing with the Cowboys? Is it Dallas' fault that no other team took a flier on Peters until September? Are we blaming Peters for taking the best (maybe only) available offer at the time to play in the state where he grew up?

Some way to treat a franchise legend.

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