Deuce Vaughn running behind Tyron Smith at Cowboys camp is as amazing as it sounds

Deuce Vaughn running behind the 6-foot-5 Tyron Smith in open space is what every Cowboys fan has been waiting for.
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp
Dallas Cowboys Training Camp / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Fans are waiting anxiously to learn if Deuce Vaughn will make the 53-man roster. How Vaughn performs during the preseason will go a long way toward determining his chances of doing just that, but it's been a long time since the Dallas Cowboys cut a player they drafted months earlier in April.

While the Cowboys' running back room is crowded, it's full of unproven commodities behind Tony Pollard. It stands to reason that Rico Dowdle and Malik Davis will be second and third on the depth chart, respectively, when all is said and done, but we're compelled to think there will still be a role for Vaughn.

In a recent article, David Moore of the Dallas Morning news noted "it's clear the coaching staff spent time during the offseason installing a few plays that would give him [Vaughn] a chance to carve a role for himself in the backfield."

Might one of those plays include a shuffle pass to get the 5-foot-5 Vaughn running in space behind 6-foot-5, 320-pound left tackle Tyron Smith?

Deuce Vaughn running behind Tyron Smith is must-see footage for Cowboys fans

It would've been great to see Smith maul some Cowboys defenders and continue paving a path for Vaughn, but he delivered a key block that allowed Vaughn to scurry forward for some extra yards before the play was blown dead.

This is just one example of a play the Cowboys can design for Vaughn. Anything to get the elusive running back in open space. The former Kansas State star might not boast breakaway speed, but his low center of gravity and quick feet make him a handful to bring down in the open field.

However many plays are included in the Vaughn package, we demand to see this specific play unleashed during the regular season.

Just look at how Vaughn vanishes out of the picture behind Smith.

From a different angle, Vaughn legitimately isn't visible running behind Smith. You can't tackle what you can't see, right? That's surely the vision Mike McCarthy and company have for this design and we absolutely love it.

Ultimately, this is how Vaughn is going to make his hay in the NFL. We wouldn't rule out Vaughn rotating with KaVontae Turpin on kick and punt returns, but as far as offensive contributions are concerned, the coaching staff is barking up the right tree with this shuffle screen.

Hopefully fans get a taste of this in the preseason.

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