DeAndre Hopkins comes off hypocritical disrespecting Cowboys' Dak Prescott on podcast

Nov 6, 2022; Phoenix, Ariz., United States;  Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (10)
Nov 6, 2022; Phoenix, Ariz., United States; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (10) / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY

The Dallas Cowboys don't appear to be in the market for a receiver. While the depth chart has questions behind CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks, it's more likely they explore a signing or trade for a veteran closer to training camp.

In the meantime, though, the DeAndre Hopkins trade rumors are swirling after he didn't show for Cardinals OTAs this week. In a shocking turn of events, Arizona released Hopkins on Friday, freeing him up to sign with any team. Cowboys fans are rabid on social media asking the team to pursue the star receiver.

Hopkins further stoked the now-former trade rumors when he appeared on the I AM ATHLETE podcast and revealed three things he wants in his next team, assuming he's dealt: stable management and front office, a quarterback who demands the best of his teammates and an elite defense.

The Cowboys check all of those boxes, but it would appear Hopkins has zero intention of catching spirals from Prescott. On the podcast, Hopkins was asked to list some quarterbacks he'd like to play with. Dak didn't make the cut, and Eagles fans got their laughs off after Jalen Hurts was the second QB Hopkins named.

DeAndre Hopkins released, disrespects Cowboys' Dak Prescott

Hopkins knows exactly what he's doing here.

The Cowboys were widely linked with Hopkins in the aftermath of trading for Stephon Gilmore. With a glaring need at receiver, they opted for Brandin Cooks instead. Days before the Cooks trade, NFL Network's Jane Slater reported Dallas hadn't approached Arizona about trading for Hopkins.

Might Hopkins be holding a grudge against the Cowboys? Could that explain why he snubbed Prescott from his exclusive list of QBs? Because he knows there's absolutely zero chance he winds up in Dallas? It's certainly possible.

After all, Hopkins' previous actions imitated he wanted to join the Cowboys. He worked out with Prescott and Dez Bryant in Dallas. Appearing on Bryant's Instagram Live, Hopkins had the following message for Cowboys fans:

"I keep hearing y'all say my name around here. What's up? Talk to me."

One could easily translate that as Hopkins asking for Dallas to trade for him. We're not one to overreact to whom athletes follow on social media, but it's notable Hopkins followed Prescott on Instagram amid the March trade speculation.

Now, all of a sudden he wants nothing to do with the QB? We're not buying it. It's likely Hopkins understands the Cowboys are no longer pursuing a trade for a receiver. Maybe he's offended the team chose Brandin Cooks over him.

Whatever the case, we'd still welcome Hopkins to Dallas with open arms. He's clearly fond of Prescott, the team has everything he desires and he'd elevate the offense to the best in the league.

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