Dan Quinn reportedly tried (and failed) to ruin the Cowboys' first-round pick

Feb 27, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Washington Commanders coach Dan Quinn during the NFL Scouting
Feb 27, 2024; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Washington Commanders coach Dan Quinn during the NFL Scouting / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Torn between whether to draft Graham Barton and other prospects with the No. 24 pick or trade back and load up for day two of the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys chose the latter. After weighing multiple offers, they found a trade partner in the Detroit Lions and moved back to pick No. 29.

The Cowboys reportedly discussed trading out of the first round entirely, but they got their guy in Oklahoma tackle Tyler Guyton, who was mocked to Dallas more than any other player during the pre-draft process.

Though Guyton is raw, it was smart of the Cowboys to grab him when they did. Not only was the tackle well drying up fast, but it turns out that multiple teams desired adding the former Sooner to their offensive lines.

Guyton told the Cowboys media that the Commanders (!) and Patriots tried trading back into round one to snag the young tackle. This means Dan Quinn tried (and failed) to sabotage his former team's first-round pick.

Dan Quinn failed at trying to ruin the Cowboys' first-round pick in NFL Draft

Not today, Quinn. We actually learned leading up to Thursday night that Quinn's Commanders would be "aggressive" trying to get back into the first round. If they managed that, Guyton was considered their "dream scenario" for whatever pick they received.

Following that report, we fancied the idea of striking a trade with Quinn for picks No. 36 and No. 67. That would mean the Cowboys wouldn't have drafted in round one, but it would have left them with five picks on day two: No. 36, No. 56, No. 67, No. 73 (via Detroit) and No. 87.

That package was seemingly in the cards for Dallas given Quinn's desire to get Guyton, but it almost feels better to rebuff Quinn. The Commanders spent a ton in free agency, but they still have a vacancy at left tackle after they released veteran Charles Leno Jr. in March.

We admittedly poked fun at Quinn for wanting to trade up for Guyton, but that was written under the assumption that he would have drafted Guyton at No. 24 overall. Dallas getting Guyton at No. 29 when he was the consensus 28th-ranked player while acquiring an extra third round pick to boot is a great day at the office.

The Cowboys love Guyton as a prospect, but it was likely an easy decision for the war room to snub Quinn of his dream first-round pick.

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