Dallas Cowboys load up on offensive weapons in 2024 NFL mock draft

The Dallas Cowboys will need replacements at running back and wide receiver and they take care of that in this 2024 mock draft
Dallas Cowboys
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Round 2: Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin

For years, Dallas fans were clamoring for Tony Pollard to be the No. 1 back as he was constantly showing up Ezekiel Elliott. Ahead of the 2023 campaign, they got their wish as Pollard was hit with the franchise tag and Elliott was released. The former Ohio State star has gone on to play a complimentary role on the New England Patriots while Pollard has become the bell cow for Dallas.

After 11 games, he has 669 yards and four touchdowns while averaging 4.2 yards per attempt. That's down from his career average and he's hit the 100-yard mark just once. That means it's highly unlikely he returns in 2024 unless he's willing to take a team-friendly deal.

In need of a new feature back, the Cowboys add Braelon Allen from Wisconsin in the second round. Allen is a bulldozer at 6-foot-2 and 238 pounds — but he's more than just a big back who is hard to tackle. Allen is a well-rounded back who will be just 20 years old. He's not a burner but he has the speed to break away in the open field and can turn into a star at the next level.

It would be tough to say goodbye to Pollard but Dallas fans unfortunately know what happens when you continue to pay a running back who is starting to slow down. Pollard's best years were wasted when Dallas refused to pay him over an overpaid starter and they need to avoid doing this in the future. That's why adding Allen makes a lot of sense for them.