Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster projection after second week of preseason

We can finally start to envision the Dallas Cowboys' 53-man roster for the upcoming season.
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Defensive line (10)

Micah Parsons (DE/LB), DeMarcus Lawrence (DE), Dorance Armstrong (DE), Sam Williams (DE), Dante Fowler (DE), Osa Odighizuwa (DT), Mazi Smith (DT), Johnathan Hankins (DT), Chauncey Golston (DL), Viliami Fehoko (DL)

Just like how Achilles was the formidable warrior for the myrmidons, Micah Parsons is the equivalent for this group.

Along with Parsons, Dan Quinn has excellent weapons to work with in DeMarcus Lawrence, Sam Williams, Dante Fowler, and Dorance Armstrong. Last season, they collectively obtained 24.5 sacks and 36 tackles for loss.

Sam Williams is all set for the regular season to begin. I'm predicting that Williams will have an increase in his snap count. He looks to be in top-notch form. His talent is too exceptional to be limited to the fifth edge rusher.

Mazi Smith is one of the most gifted interior defenders in the draft. He possesses the quickness of a 3tech, paired with the size of an NT, but his get-off technique needs work. He encountered some difficulties Saturday night, which might cause Dallas to keep Quinton Bohanna.

Improvement is expected to continue for Osa Odighizuwa. The addition of Smith means that Odighizuwa won't face as many double teams and can perform well as a disruptive DT. Johnathan Hankins made a significant improvement to the run defense last season and the added depth will allow the vet to remain fresh.

The Cowboys think Viliami Fehoko and Chauncey Golston have potential to boost interior pass rush by playing inside. How many players will Dallas keep from a stacked group? That is the question.

Practice squad considerations: Tyrus Wheat, Durrell Johnson