Dallas Cowboys: 4 studs (and 1 dud turned stud) in Week 13 win over Seattle

The Dallas Cowboys earned a hard-fought comeback win in Week 13 and there were plenty of players who deserved praise, including one who shook off a rough start
Dallas Cowboys
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Cowboys Stud: Dak Prescott, Quarterback

Should we go ahead and get the MVP trophy ready now?

Dak Prescott continues to be the most harshly criticized player in all of sports. It's so bad that there was literally someone calling him out for breaking the news that he was going to be a father. What's worse is, Dak knew people would react that way, which is why he waited to say anything.

Even at halftime of their Thursday Night Football contest, Richard Sherman was going out of his way to praise the opponent for how they were defending Prescott. This made no sense at all since he had over 200 yards and two touchdowns while the offense had yet to punt the ball. Still, Sherman was saying how we all can see the Cowboys can't play against good teams.

Well, that should be put to bed after this. Not only did Prescott play well in the first half but he continued to fight hard and led his team to a comeback win. When all was said and done, he had 299 yards passing, 23 rushing yards, and three passing touchdowns (he nearly had a rushing touchdown as well but it was called back due to a hold). What's even better is the defense Sherman was anointing for being roasted had no interceptions.

Prescott is playing on a different level right now and he's more motivated to win than ever before. Not only did he show this in his determination in the fourth quarter but he even got up at one point and got into the face of Riq Woolen showing more fire than we've seen in the past from No. 4.

Surely, the sticks will be moved again and everyone will say Prescott needs to prove himself against the Eagles before they believe. Then if they beat them, they won't believe until they beat the 49ers. And so on and so on. But those who watch him without an agenda can see he's outperforming everyone right now and the Cowboys have a chance to win every week because of him.