Dak Prescott was left speechless by Cowboys' stagnant free agency

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys
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Jerry Jones wants Dallas Cowboys fans to believe that the team's inactive offseason is due to the salary cap. The Cowboys owner has stated multiple times that they are setting aside money to sign Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and eventually Micah Parsons to lucrative extensions.

The hypocrisy is that the Cowboys could have freed up ample cap space if they extended Prescott before the new league year.

Regardless, Prescott's contract dilemma is the most pressing issue. Jones is playing a dangerous game with his quarterback, who's seemingly no longer interested in playing nice. Prescott gave a surprisingly brazen answer when he was asked whether he fears being in Dallas next season.

Prescott was candid during the entire interview, including when asked if he's "puzzled" by the Cowboys' lackluster free agency. In fact, Prescott was briefly left speechless as he searched for a way to answer it in a diplomatic way.

Dak Prescott left speechless by Cowboys' inactive free agency

It's not often that Prescott is short of words behind the mic. His awkward pause speaks volumes about his feelings toward Dallas' offseason. Even his answer left something to be desired, which suggests he is actually puzzled by the Cowboys' baffling free agency.

Normally one of the best players in the entire NFL at answering the media, Prescott seemingly panicked before preaching confidence in the team's current group of players. He was unsure in the beginning, but swiftly gave a masterclass of quarterback speak by the 20-second mark in the video.

Still, though, who wouldn't give a penny for Prescott's actual thoughts about Dallas' offseason to date? If anything, this answer is yet another reason for Jones to extend the 31-year-old. The Cowboys haven't upgraded and he's still about his teammates and won't throw anyone under the bus.

If anything, the roster has regressed. It would have been easy for Prescott to air his grievances about the position Jones and Co. are putting him in. Granted, the offseason is far from over, but the front office bypassed myriad opportunities to make improvements during the early waves of free agency.

The truth of the matter is Prescott is down his left tackle -- one of the best in the league at that -- starting running back, No. 3 receiver and center. Meanwhile, the defense, which didn't give the offense a chance in the wild card loss to Green Bay, has lost multiple starters and important role players.

Prescott would never admit publicly that he has issue with the way the Cowboys' front office operates, but his nonverbal at the beginning of the soundbite tells you everything you need to know about his true feelings.

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