Cowboys vs Commanders: Key matchups and X-factors with the NFC East title on the line

Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys
Washington Commanders v Dallas Cowboys / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages
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Cowboys offensive and defensive X-factors vs Commanders

Offensive X-factor: Brandin Cooks

The Commanders’ defense is going to be all hands on deck trying to stop CeeDee Lamb this weekend after his 13 catches 227 yards receiving and one touchdown against the Lions. That means that Brandin Cooks will be looking at more one-on-one coverage against average cornerbacks. Cooks had a nice game himself against the Lions and the Cowboys will look to him to win his matchups to force the Commanders away from double coverage on Lamb.

The Washington cornerbacks have had issues covering speedy receivers this season and Cooks should be able to beat them early with underneath routes before taking the top off the defense later in the game.

Defensive X-factor: Donovan Wilson

There’s one player we haven’t talked about yet on this Commanders roster and that’s tight end Logan Thomas who’s been the security blanket for his quarterbacks this season. He’s lined up over 50% in the slot which means he’ll draw safety Donovan Wilson in pass coverage. Quarterbacks are completing 73% of their throws to Thomas and Wilson needs to shut that down with his speed to keep up with Thomas and forcing the quarterback to look in another direction.

If Wilson can do that and the other defenders handle their assignments then the Cowboys will be your NFC East Champions once again.

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