Cowboys getting snubbed from DeMarcus Ware's Hall of Fame display is a complete joke

How is this even possible?

Aug 5, 2023; Canton, OH, USA;  Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos former linebacker DeMarcus Ware
Aug 5, 2023; Canton, OH, USA; Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos former linebacker DeMarcus Ware / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

DeMarcus Ware had to wait longer than he should have, but the Dallas Cowboys legend was finally inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this month.

Ware sadly wasn't a forever Cowboy. He went on to achieve great things in Denver, including capturing a Super Bowl ring in 2015.

Ultimately, Ware's Hall of Fame display should include Cowboys and Broncos memorabilia. This is typically the case with inducted players who achieved greatness with multiple teams. It's only fair to give each team a piece of the display pie.

For whatever reason, though, Ware's display features a Broncos jersey (!) and a helmet from Troy, where he starred in college. The lone Cowboys reference was a football that distinguishes him as the franchise's all-time sack leader.

Cowboy snubbed from DeMarcus Ware's Hall of Fame display

A Broncos No. 94 jersey? Are we joking? Ware spent nine years with the Cowboys, compared to just three in the midwest. While Ware's only Super Bowl came with the Broncos, that was the cherry on top of his Hall of Fame resume cake.

Over three seasons in Denver, Ware compiled 21.5 sacks, 44 QB hits, 25 tackles for loss and three forced fumbles. In 2008 alone, Ware notched 20.5 sacks -- which led the league -- to go with 27 TFL, 30 QB hits and six forced fumbles.

Ware came up big in the 2015 playoffs (he recorded two sacks and five tackles in Super Bowl 50), but his body also started breaking down after he left the Cowboys. In 2015 and 2016, the nine-time Pro Bowler played a combined 21 games and he retired from football after the 2016 season.

Again, this isn't to besmirch what Ware accomplished with the Broncos.

A No. 94 Cowboys jersey -- or at the very least a Dallas helmet -- should be the centerpiece of his HoF display. At that point, a football depicting Ware as a Super Bowl champion with Denver would've been a fair split.

Even Broncos fans would (hopefully) admit that Canton did Dallas dirty.

It's this simple: Ware was a four-time first-team All-Pro in a Cowboys uniform and twice led the league in sacks with a star on his helmet. He played 141 games and tallied 117 sacks with the Cowboys, compared to playing 37 games and producing 21.5 sacks as a member of the Broncos.

Two years does not make a Hall of Fame career and that doesn't even consider the time Ware missed with injury.

There's nothing wrong with including both teams in the display, but the fact it was headlined by Broncos gear is a complete joke.

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