Cowboys finally build around Dak Prescott in final 2024 mock draft

The Cowboys load up on offense to support their star QB in this 2024 mock draft
Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys can show quarterback Dak Prescott exactly how committed they are to him by showing him the money with a contract extension. But until that day comes, Dallas can prove to Prescott that they are committed to him as the QB of the present and long-term by loading up on the offensive side of the ball in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Dallas is not in the greatest position. Just like last year, they have a variety of holes to fill on either side of the ball, and it's not like they're working with a plethora of picks. They have just one pick in each of the first three rounds (late picks, at that), nothing in the fourth, one in the fifth and sixth, and two in the seventh.

Still, Dallas can do some damage in a draft class that is loaded at key positions of need for this roster (WR, OT). How will Dallas show Dak Prescott he's the one they want long-term?

1. 24th overall: Kingsley Suamataia, OT, BYU

If the Cowboys took Kingsley Suamataia in the first round, it would likely be perceived as a massive reach. But let's get a few things straight here.

First off, the Cowboys have too many areas to address, in all likelihood, to move up into the top 15 picks to get someone like Olu Fashanu, who might be the best pure left tackle in this draft behind Joe Alt. There is likely to be a run on offensive linemen ahead of this pick -- well ahead of it -- so Dallas might be choosing from a pool of players that includes guys like Jordan Morgan, Kingsley Suamataia, and maybe Patrick Paul (if rumors are true that he could go in the first round).

Suamataia has starting experience at both right and left tackle. He's proven he can play left tackle at a high level. He's athletic, he's got long arms, and as a former big-time high school prospect who initially committed to Oregon, the talent has always been there.

He's an ascending player who would fit a huge position of need for Dallas. He's not going to be there at 56 overall, and the tier of prospects the Cowboys would be picking from at tackle in round two is substantially different from the tier Suamataia is on, even with the depth of the class being strong.