3 bold predictions for the Cowboys in 2024 NFL Draft

Could we see some major fireworks for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2024 NFL Draft?
Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys
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The 2024 NFL Draft is fast approaching and there are still tons of scenarios that could make sense for the Dallas Cowboys. But what if things get a little crazy for Dallas on draft weekend?

How could this team possibly make some bold moves, whether it's making a big move up the board, trading down, or just generally making decisions that might leave everyone scratching their head when the weekend is over?

Making bold moves during the NFL Draft is not typically what we expect from the Dallas Cowboys, but you never know when teams are going to break character. Let's look at a handful of intriguing bold moves the Cowboys could make in the 2024 NFL Draft.

1. Cowboys trade up for an offensive tackle

This might be on the "mild" side of bold for the Dallas Cowboys considering how big of a need offensive tackle is, but it would still be a very costly move for a team that has a variety of needs after losing so many players in NFL free agency.

The depth at the tackle position in this year's draft is great, but the Cowboys could certainly have a handful of players they would grade on a top tier at the position and perhaps there are only a select few players they would target in the first round who could actually keep Tyler Smith at left guard, at least realistically.

There should be opportunities to trade up into the top 15 picks where the Cowboys could ensure one of the top five tackles on their board, but if they wait much longer than that, they are going to risk having to reach and take a guy a round earlier than he should probably go.

Again, the price to move up is going to be costly, but the Cowboys could make a bold move up the board and do something like this to ensure Dak Prescott's blind side is protected for the foreseeable future (however long Dak remains in Dallas, that is).